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We are thrilled to announce the release of our first issue of volume 6: an eChapbook by Monica Berlin, titled From Maybe to Region. We have an excerpt from the introduction below, but you can read the full issue right now by clicking the cover or the link below.

issue cover

Volume 6, Issue 1: eChapbook

Excerpt from the Editor’s Note by Beth McDermott, Poetry Editor

“In Maybe to Region, “region” is an important word often repeated in the poems and their titles.  “Region” means “a subdivision of the earth or universe” or “a subdivision of a whole” (OED); it seems less utilized in environmental writing than “nature,” “environment,” “landscape” or “place.”  And yet, when we talk about where we’re from, we talk in terms of “region.”  In Maybe to Region, the region is comprised of plains, river, small hills and horizon lines, not to mention the roads that weave among them.  Although Berlin’s imagery reminds me of the Midwest, her use of “region” is synecdoche—part for the whole.  […]


I think I speak for all of us at Kudzu House Quarterly when I describe these lines as touching in their expanse: “this near- / horizon, prairied, that keeps // & keeps company” reminds us of “before we [even] were.”  “Before” is when “weather measured time in units / near-impossible” and made passage that will happen again.  And the plea is to notice it—“every rivering / body of & this sky, these small // elevations & slighter curves, that / land & landscape can be its own // welcoming.”  Maybe to region is also a verb.”

Read the full note in the issue today!

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