Kudzu House’s Award Nominations

From 2015 onward, our nominations are made on the blog. You can filter the posts to only reflect this category through this link.

Below, you will find our award nominations starting in 2014, when we created the new website. Prior nominations can be found in our awards archive.

2014 Nominees

Pushcart Prize

•Patty Somlo: Rain Shadow
•Beth Gilstrap: Buddy and Lurch
•John Mckernan: Silence After the Eulogy
•Jim Davis: Rough Country
•Lesley Brower: Salt Lick Prayer
•Claude Clayton Smith: At the Arboretum

Sundress Best of the Net


Issue 3.2

“State Road 88, Eastbound : Apache Junction, Arizona”
J. Kirk Maynard

“Hopeless Redemption”
Mercedes Lawry

“An Idea of Heaven Proposed by the Ghost of Walt Whitman to the Ghost of Gerard Manley Hopkins as Overheard and Retold by the Ghost of Li Po at the Closing of the Second to Last Independent Hardware Store in Broome County, New York”
Dante Di Stefano

Issue 4.1

David Tagnani

“The Ghost Bridge”
Dustin Lee Infinger

“Silence After the Eulogy”
John McKernan


Issue 3.2

Schuler Benson

Issue 4.1

“Buddy and Lurch”
Beth Gilstrap


Issue 3.2

Andrea Spofford

Amy Lynne Hill