The Kudzu Vine is the Blog for Kudzu House, parent organization for Kudzu House Press andKudzu House Quarterly.

Submitting a Review or Commentary to the Kudzu Vine

Submitting a post for our blog is easy. Simply send your work as an email to editor [at] kudzuhouse [dot] org (replace brackets with appropriate symbol). Our staff will review the piece and get back to you as soon as possible.


Unlike our Quarterly Issue, the blog has no rigid guidelines. We are mostly interested in short (250-1000 word) reviews of new books that exhibit an ecological impulse. We would also be interested to hear from writers, activists, publishers, and editors of other journals that share this interest. We’re willing to consider interest pieces of up to 3000 words. If you aren’t sure if your idea for a post is right for us, query at the above email address. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

Getting Your Book Reviewed in The Kudzu Vine

Kudzu House is seeking new or forthcoming titles for book reviews, which will appear in the quarterly issues, either scholarly or creative, depending on the nature of the review. Please visit our submit page for guidelines, current calls for submissions, and publication schedules. All reviews appear on our blog. Only selections will appear in the issues.

We are interested in receiving queries for the genres listed below.

Criticism/ Scholarship; Poetry; Fiction; Nonfiction/Memoir; Chapbooks; Hybrid Works; Collections/Anthologies

All works must be somehow related to Kudzu House’s mission (i.e.—ecological thought). We are interested in titles which have national distribution, but we are not categorically opposed to independently published material. Our guiding aesthetic is the merit of the work itself; therefore our only rule is that the writing must be of the highest quality. We are especially interested in the work of previous contributors.

We prefer electronic review copies. If you must send a hard copy, please indicate so in your query, and we will provide a mailing address.

Please include the following as a single PDF document with your query:

1)      All publication information: (publisher name, release date, &c.).

2)      A summary of the book and all pertinent information (you do not have to “sell the book” or give a pitch).

3)      Your name and affiliation.

4)      A Brief Bio and Curriculum Vitae.

Send your queries here: editor [at] kudzureview [dot] com.

[Current Response Time: 1 month]