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Titles for Review

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Here we will feature a short list of review copies we have received that have not been assigned to other readers. Below this list, you will find books we would like to see reviewed but have not yet received a review copy from the publisher. Works more than a few years old will have a year beside them. We are more interested in current titles, though we seek to expose anything still in-print.

Often, we can obtain a review copy for those interested in contributing a review. If you would like to have a title added to this list, please contact us at this email address: editor [at] kudzuhouse [dot] org (replace brackets with appropriate symbol).

Copies On-Hand (on shelf):

[Updated 7/18/2015. Please note that some titles may not be available. Titles that have strikethrough are already in the review process. Check the blogroll to see if reviews are already out.]


Adams, Rachel:  Sleeper (Flutter Press, 2015).

Anderson, Peter: First Church of the Higher Elevations (Conundrum Press 2015).

Barron, Phillip: What Comes from a Thing (winner of the 2015 Michael Rubin Book Award and published by Fourteen Hills Press).

Carruth, Hayden: Letters to Jane (2004).

Conrad, CA: Ecodeviance.

De La Flor, Neil. An Elephant’s Memory of Blizzards.

Grumbling, Megan. Booker’s Point (University of North Texas Press 2016).

McCombs, Davis: Dismal Rock. (2007).

Oliver, Mary: Blue Horses.

Parks, Cecily: O’Nights.

Wiseman, Laura Madeline and Sally Deskins, Leaves of Absence: An Illustrated Guide to Common Garden Affection (Red Dashboard).


Garside, Nick: Democratic Ideals and the Politicization of Nature.

Wills, David. Inanimation: Theories of Inorganic Life.

Yunker, John (ed): Among Animals: The Lives of Animals and Humans in Contemporary Short Fiction;


Abbott, John: Theft: And Other Tales of Loss and the Working Class (Underground Voices).

Bouman, Tom: Dry Bones in the Valley.

Lopez, Barry: Outside.

Shorr, Victoria: Backlands.

Woollen, Ian: Uncle Anton’s Atomic Bomb.

Midge Raymond: My Last Continent 


Hayes, Dennis & Gail Boyer Hayes: Cowed: The Hidden Impact of 93 Million Cows on America’s Health, Economy, Politics, Culture, and Environment.

Engelhard, Michael: American Wild: Explorations from the Grand Canyon to the Arctic Ocean

Englehard, Michael: Ice Bear: The Cultural History of an Arctic Icon

Giono, Jean: Hill
McCarthy, Michael: The Moth Snowstorm

Titles of Interest (copies for request):


[None at the moment. Make a request!]


Balakian, Peter: Ozone Journal (Phoenix Poets) 

Brown, Jericho: The New Testament.

Carruth, Hayden: Last Poems (2004).

Cole, Douglas: Bali Poems 

Harrison, Jim. Dead Man’s Float.

McCombs, Davis: Ultima Thule (2000).

Merwin, W.S.: The Moon Before Morning, The Collected Poems of W. S. MerwinPresent Company, Migration: New and Selected Poems.

Scafidi, Steve: To the Bramble and the Briar.

Siken, Richard. War of the Foxes.

Stanford, Frank. What About This: Collected Poems of Frank Stanford.

Valentine, Jean. Break the Glass and Shirt in Heaven.

The Echoing Green: Poems of Fields, Meadows, and Grasses published by Everyman’s Pocket Poets – an  anthology featuring poems by writers such as Virgil, Basho, Andrew Marvell, Christina Rossetti, John McCrae, Anna Akhmatova, Frank O’Hara, Ingeborg Bachmann, Derek Walcott, Gary Soto, Harryette Mullen, Ed Roberson, and Natalie Diaz.


Alaimo, Stacy: Bodily Natures (2010).

Heise, Ursula K.: Sense of Place and Sense of Planet (2008).

Iovino, Serenella and Serpil Oppermann (Eds.): Material Ecocriticism (2014).

Morton, Timothy: Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World (Posthumanities).

James Perrin Warren: Other Country: Barry Lopez and the Community of Artists.

Weisman, Alan: Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth?

Wood, Gillen D’Arcy: Tambora: The Eruption That Changed the World.

Brorby, Taylor and Stefanie Trout (eds.): Fracture: Essays, Poems, and Stories on Fracking in America.

King, Richard J.: The Devil’s Cormorant: A Natural History.

Richardson, Barbara (ed.): Dirt: A Love Story.

Review Request

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