Douglas Cole releases a new book of poetry: Bali Poems

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Douglas Cole’s lovely Bali Poems take the reader on a journey far away from the mainland, into a place that is both a state and state of mind.

“Douglas Cole’s haunting, beautiful work crackles with energy like a kretek cigarette, combining foreign pleasures with a familiar kick to the chest. This is poetry from the other side of the postcard, about islands within an island, which perfectly captures both the celebration and the melancholy of the lone, untethered traveler.”—Tyler McMahon

“In Bali Poems, Douglas Cole takes us on a sensuous trip to the land of Bali, where we breathe in spare, beautiful language and striking imagery , as ‘a grand blue butterfly/bops over the pond,’ as well as the starkness of cremation smoke, ‘as we pass through/the bone dust of the dead.’ Like any good literature, it’s open to interpretation. To me, it is a spiritual journey as in ‘wave after wave/on infinity’s shore/we pass through lifetimes/in a single day.’”—Robert S. King

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