Bright as Mirrors Left in the Grass

Poems by Luisa A. Igloria


Cover Art by Sean Abrahams

Author Biography

Issue 5-1, eChapbook (Series Number 1)
Autumnal Equinox: 20 March 2015

What we learn in the dark

This is not just about how we learn
to save what we can of the tomato

whose one end has begun to show
a spot of darkening mold; not just

how we bulk up the broth with grain,
with tubers that grew in the dark

of earth yet kept the yellow
gold in their hearts intact

under their scabbed exterior. So then,
don’t throw away the mismatched part,

the gear with its halo of broken teeth
your sister will repurpose into

a knuckle ring, a talisman to buy
a small prayer of safety as she walks

home after late shift at work.
We all need to keep something back

from the mouth that would have it all; or
find a burrow in which to shelter, where

even one spark struck on the heel of a boot
might briefly illuminate the cave and its shadows.

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