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Our scholarly issue is devoted to interdisciplinary approaches to subjects in ecocriticism, ecocomposition, green pedagogy, and eco-rhetoric(s). As in our creative issues, we feature the best and the brightest, placing established critics alongside the new and emerging. Visit our submit page for our current submission needs. Review our Formatting Guide for the Kudzu Scholar Issue before submitting.

Past Scholarly Issues

Issue 5.3, Kudzu Scholar Issue. Series #2.(Autumnal Equinox, 2015):


Issue 4.2 (Autumnal Equinox 2014):

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We provide digital access to all of our issues at no cost. As a publisher, Kudzu is interested in information ecology, that is, open access for the expression of creativity and scholarship. Please enjoy our archive, which dates back to our old publications under the title Kudzu Review. Hardbound versions of our issues, including our new print annual, can be found on the Print page. After Volume 5, we hope to put most of our digital issue content on the actual website, instead of in PDF format. Until we find the time to covert old content, all of our issues are available as PDFs by clicking the cover image.

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Formatting Guide for the Kudzu Scholar Issue