Volume 5, Issue 4. Winter Solstice 2015

Kudzu House Quarterly

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Cover art by Sean Abrahams

Winter Solstice Creative Issue (5.4).

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Editor’s Note — M.P. Jones

Featured Author:

Erica Dawson

Interview with the Poet (Blog Post) IadAX

Review of The Small Blades Hurt (Blog Post) IadAX

“A Poem that’s Not a Song or Set in the South”

“Rock Me, Mamma”


“Blooming Charm” — Laura Madeline Wiseman

“Charm for Spring Fever” — Laura Madeline Wiseman

“Unprepared” —Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad

“Rustic” — Christopher Todd Anderson

“Dawn” — Aaron Reeder

“A Matter of Construction” — Aaron Reeder

“Not Thought Strange” — Mercedes Lawry

“The Will Is Not So Easily Contained” — Brianna Noll

“Wordsworth at Dove Cottage” — Peter Huggins

“Crabgrass” — Peter Huggins

“Late Winter, Lookout Creek” — Jeff Fearnside

“Teaching Students the Language of Regret” — Deborah Fass

“Home” — Steven Petersheim

“I Never Wear My Elk Skin Gloves” — Sean Prentiss

“Galapagos Shearwater” — Sally Bliumis-Dunn

“Nature…worship” — Bruce Alford

“Botanical Garden” — Leonore Hildebrandt

“Two Does” — Robert Fillman

“Pastoral” — Robert Fillman

“Eagle Cam” — Robert Gibb

“Mercy Mercy Me” — Robert Gibb


“The Difference between Dollars and Pesos” — Adam Giles

“Cruising at the Airport in Dave’s Gray Car” — William Nesbitt

“The New Light” — William Nesbitt

“The Year the Monarch Didn’t Appear,” — Daniel Hudon

“The Song of the O’o,” — Daniel Hudon

“The Demise of Steller’s Sea Cow.” — Daniel Hudon

Weather Report—Diane Payne


“On Plenty and Waste” — Mike Petrik

“A Clear Place in the Sky” — John Messick

“The Plum Orchard” — Michael Raudzis Dinkel

“Conjuring Sociality in American Space” — James Gallant

“Bird, Bear, Humans”—Naomi Crummey


“Audrey, Oil on Canvas”  — Allen Forrest

“Real Characters, Best Buddies, Ink on Paper” — Allen Forrest

“Untitled” — RC Hagans

“Winter’s Perch” — Corazon Higgins

Cover Art by Sean Abrahams

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