Not Thought Strange

by Mercedes Lawry

There was a time when the classification of plant or animal
was unclear. Common belief held that a number of things
straddled both , not just in folk myth or superstition
but in such learned texts as Histoire Admirable des Plantes
by Claude Duet. It is the borametz that charms me,
a plant from which grew tiny, perfect lambs at the end of stems.
Allegedly found on the steppes of central Asia, with fleece
renowned for softness, the lambs were attached at the navel
and could bend down to graze around the plant until food was no more
and they died. A primary danger was the wolf,
who found these gentle lambs so tasty. Here was a carousel of young flesh
unable to flee. The brutal and the tender,
how we like our science, spiked with story.


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