Volume 6, Issue 1. Spring Solstice 2016

Kudzu House Quarterly

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Cover art by Sean Abrahams

Spring Equinox eChapbook issue:

From Maybe To Region

by Monica Berlin


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Editor’s Note

So maybe to region here means without

Over the fence, & inside this hour’s darkness

With every apology, however small, comes

Or maybe to region here means

Or maybe to region here explains

In the journal of memory, no corners

If every sorrow located along

Because the journal of memory stays

Can’t seem to shake the day though the day

If beyond the picture plane, just past

Sorry should know better, but sorry’s only

Where a slow & gradual greening, well

Say rolling, or where hills crest & give

Marked by weather pattern & daylight, we can

Already a ghost, this town

First worries of the season & all we’re thinking

Held, no stilled, there the hours

Call it deliberate, yours, & then

Nearly finished now, the building becomes

Every built thing learns to lean & buckle, any

This morning a ladder

Late night & only sometimes, we let

How that word stretches to mean: little

Or maybe to region here means not diminishing

Always these days of nearly

In the journal of memory, disaster

Almost-summer a wide porch

Not only what defines every condition of

If looking a small window

Call whatever between us a near vocation, part

Or maybe to region here requires the opposite of

Because the weeks limp by—every limb heavy

In whatever clearing we made, settling in

Every kind of season makes mirage of

Drenched, the journal of memory

Or maybe to region here could be

To discover a city’s skyscape could be made


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