Or maybe to region here means not diminishing

across, as in what has not weakened below severe
limits, or in the parlance of the day the river will be

steady. Steady at the shoal, the pond, the bay, the flats,
the beach, the bridge, at the point, the island, at the gage

site, the county drainage ditch, at the bend, the gap,
at the bottom or the bottoms, the creek, the way, or

at harbor, at bankfull. Steady at the park, the course,
the terminal, the reservoir, the drive, at the woods,

the slough, the branch, the bluff. At lake view. Or a flat
crest, low spots already under, so many roads inundated,

& how that water spreads out in approach, forecast
to flood well, soak higher ground, near defiance,

to rise up those streets, & how so much of everything
may be washed away, which is not always easy to see.





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