Volume 6, Issue 2. Summer Solstice 2016

Kudzu House Quarterly

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“Horchata Snuzzler” by Sean Abrahams.

Volume 6, Issue 2. Summer Solstice 2016

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note — M.P. Jones

Featured Author, Davis McCombs



Aaron Bauer, “Standing on a Sidewalk”

Kimberly Miller, “At the Como Zoo”

Kate Abbot, “Lost in the World”

Mark Trechock, “Imagining the Contents of the Last Refrigerator”

Kristin Camitta Zimet, “Land Use Chart” and “Mowing the Lawn”

Don Thompson, “Out of nowhere, a snake” and “Blackbirds picking seeds from sheep scat”

Sarah Brown Weitzman, “Geometry of Denial”

Erin Elkins Radcliffe, “Three Stelae of a Creation Myth”

Amy Brunvand, “Page Setup> Orientation”

Pepper Trail, “Small Game” and “The Village of Newtok”

Steven Ray Smith, “Median”

Jason Duncan, “Ars Botanica”



Estela González, “Moosnípol and the Sea.”

Kenneth Vanderbeek, “Planting Season.”

Rebecca Dempsey, “Thylaseen”

Emily Clayton, “The Ebb and the Flow”

Carmella de los Angeles Guiol, “Gringa”



Brent Martin, “When the heart can no longer say home”

Terril Shorb, “The Fawn of History”



Christopher Woods,  “Drought Trees” and “Lasting Drought”

Ryota Matsumoto, “Rapid Gaze Polynomials Embedded in Infinite Variables”

Keith Moul, “Washington Railroad Tracks” and “Washington Fence Post”


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