Kristin Camitta Zimet, “Land Use Chart” and “Mowing the Lawn”

Land Use Chart

Black-and-white, this county cow
floats on a skim milk field.
Commissioners have blizzarded away
barn-muck, hay-gold, pink tongue
licking the manger. She is scrubbed
down, garnished with capitals,
parted out like a junked jalopy,
rump and flank zoned Development.
Economy forbids them to align
her hooves on green. Above her head
bellowing like a semi they have struck
the title in red type.

Mowing the Lawn

Behind the clattering machine that spits
fescue and spring beauties, chewing forward
on its own, her shoulders shake, her hands
grow numb. But she sticks with it, disconnected
from the cloud of gas, imagination throwing seed:
peppergrass, king devil, bindweed, viper’s bugloss.
Sowing that, she shaves the whole lawn down.




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