Kudzu House Quarterly

Summer Issue: "Feral Lands, Feral Selves"


Cover Art by Sean Abrahams

Author Biographies

Issue 5-2, Summer Solstice (Series Number 4)
Summer Solstice: 21 June 2015

Under the Streetlamp

Rebecca Macijeski

my shadow could rise from the street and re-gather itself
to my body—the two of us walking as conjoined mirrors
into the night. Under the streetlamp:
        my arms twinged with an uncertain green.
        The spaces between my fingers gap wide,
        allowing cool air in.

But the bulb is brief and I continue walking.
No longer spotlit,
        my shadow lengthens again of its own accord
and I am halved:
the stuff of me walking upright,
        the shadow extending ahead, darkening, and curving away down the road.

This must be what a squid feels, or a jellyfish,
ebbing about in the ocean’s nebulous mind.

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