Help the Kudzu Grow!

Who We Are

Kudzu House is an independent publisher which prints Kudzu House Quarterly, a journal of creative writing and scholarship. Our focus is in contemporary environmental writing, art, and thought. We feature emerging writers alongside established ones. The press is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit, and we operate without advertising or charging submitters (which we view as a somewhat alarming trend in recent years). Because we offer copies of the digital, open-source journal at no cost to anyone, we have previously been unable to provide our wonderful contributors with a paper copy of the journal. We’d love to, with your generous help, change that. We need your help to cover the costs of running a website and the initial printing fees. We’d also like to start publishing full-length collections in the near future, starting by creating a poetry contest, whose winner will be given prize money and publication through Kudzu House!

What We Need & What You Get


  • We need roughly $300 (with shipping and processing costs) per year to provide our 50+ contributors with a copy of the journal. We would also like to be able to print one full-length collection of poetry this year, through a poetry prize, but we need $500 to provide our prize-winner with an honorarium.
  • We have up for grabs: back issues of the journal quite rare and beautiful print booklets), hand-printed T-Shirts featuring our watering-can logo and journal name, and your choice of having your name and donor level printed in volume 4 and featured on our website! The donor levels are Milfoil: $1-24; Privet: $25-49; Kudzu: $50-100; Human: $101-∞.
  • If we cannot make our full $800 goal, but are able to make our smaller $300 goal, we will still provide contributors with copies of the journal. Any money beyond $300 will go back into covering the costs of running the website and saving for when we can host the contest!



The Impact

Kudzu House is a journal of ecology, and we believe in the free flow of ideas. Our issues help to spread the cutting edge in environmental thought, and your generous contribution will not only help promote ecological thought, but it will encourage other journals to follow the ecological (open-source) publishing model.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help. Spread the word about Kudzu House, the review, and our fundraising campaign. Share our page on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere! We thank you for your help and your time!


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