Winter Solstice Issue Release

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Winter Solstice Issue Release

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Dear Kudzu Readers,

Welcome to the latest issue of Kudzu House Quarterly. This issue marks the end of volume 5 and our first year as a quarterly journal, with issues released on the solstices and equinoxes. We have a host of wonderful poets, non/ficitonauts, and visual artists. This issue features poet Erica Dawson, and we have an interview with her where she discusses a range of methods, exigencies, and influences. We’ve also reprinted two of her poems, “A Poem that’s Not a Song or Set in the South” and “Rock Me, Mamma,” named for how the “spokes/ Of Old Crow’s “Wagon Wheel” have spun/ The road enough.” We hope you’ll check out our review of her most recent collection, The Small Blades Hurt, and get yourself a copy of her wonderful book today!

We have poetry by Laura Madeline Wiseman, Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad, Christopher Todd Anderson, Aaron Reeder, Mercedes Lawry, Brianna Noll, Peter Huggins, Jeff Fearnside, Deborah Fass, Steven Petersheim, Sean Prentiss, Sally Bliumis-Dunn, Bruce Alford, Leonore Hildebrandt, Robert Fillman, and Robert Gibb.  Among these great works, I highly recommend Huggins’—a featured author last year—poem “Crabgrass” and Robert Gibb’s “‘Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology).’” We have fiction by Adam Giles, William Nesbitt, Daniel Hudon, and Diane Payne, and nonfiction by Mike Petrik, John Messick, Michael Raudzis Dinkel, James Gallant, and Naomi Crummey. I also greatly enjoyed Payne’s “Weather Report,” Mike Petrik’s “On Plenty and Waste,” and James Gallant’s “Conjuring Sociality in American Space”.  This is our largest creative issue to date, and with so much reading I better leave you to it! Without further ado, I welcome you to another issue of Kudzu, and on behalf of all the editors, readers, and staff: thank you for reading!

Thank you and as always,

May the Kudzu Grow!



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